How Might I Be Feeling? | How Can Sanya Help Me?

In our fast–paced modern society, it is normal to experience occasional anxiety; however people suffering from clinical anxiety constantly deal with persistent worry and tension that is much worse than normal anxiety that exists in people from time to time. High level and chronic state of clinical anxiety can make ordinary activities difficult or even impossible.

How Might I Be Feeling?

You may be experiencing an exaggerated and/or unfounded state of worry about matters as: health, money, family or work. Although you may be aware that the anxiety is excessive or unwarranted, you may find that it is difficult to simply ’snap out of it’. This persistent worry characteristic of anxiety is hard to control, interferes with daily life, makes it unable for you to relax and you may startle easily. In addition, this level of anxiety is often accompanied by physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, muscle tension and gastrointestinal problems.

How can Sanya help me with my anxiety issues?

I know that sometimes people feel uncomfortable talking to those they know well about difficult, personal issues (like dealing with and overcoming anxiety), so finding a counselor, therapist or psychologists might be the answer. Taking time to talk out your inner fears and worries is an excellent preventative measure. We all need to let off steam and talk through problems with someone. I understand anxiety attacks extremely well and can provide the supportive environment you need to be able to do this with confidence.