Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Therapy Work for Me?

Research supports the assertions that therapy works for most clients. Many report relief from depression, anxiety, relationship problems and numerous other issues. Many also report seeking therapy as a means of personal growth and exploration.

Will Insurance Pay for Therapy?

Some do and some do not. On the back of your insurance card is a phone number to call your insurance company. You will need to ask your insurance company if they cover therapy. Most insurance companies have a co–pay or deductible.

Can I schedule more than one appointment a day, or more than one appointment a week?

Yes. Clients are treated on an individual basis and changes are made in therapy and schedule to reflect varying needs.

How Confidential are the Sessions?

Information disclosed by patients is completely confidential except for disclosure required by law.

Do You Have Evening Hours?

Yes. Hours are available during the day, the evening and the night.