Sports Psychology

How Can Sports Psychology Help? | How Can Sanya Help Me?

Sport psychology involves preparing the mind of an athlete, just as thoroughly as the athlete prepares his or her body. For many elite–level, professional, recreational and youth athletes, successful performances cannot simply be reduced to superior physical performance. Performance is largely contingent upon mental preparation and psychological strength. As you prepare for competition by improving physical skill, strength and endurance, you must also prepare yourself mentally.

How Can Sports Psychology Help?

In a world dominated by competition and pressure to succeed, little attention is paid to the role of mental attitude in enhancing an individual’s performance. Research has shown that the most successful individuals in their field have placed a major emphasis on the mental aspects of their performance and their goal setting skills.

How Can Sanya Help Me?

Sanya will help you build performance ennhancing skills, such as:

  1. Awareness Training
  2. Arousal Control
  3. Relaxation Training
  4. Mental Imagery
  5. Enhancing Motivation
  6. Confidence Building
  7. Attention and Concentration Training
  8. Goal Setting