Phase of Life Problems

There is Relief | How Can Sanya Help Me?

There are numerous reasons why we go through a difficult phase in our lives. Some of these may include problems associated with financial issues, entering school, leaving parental control, starting a new career and changes involved in marriage, divorce and retirement.

There is Relief

Managing yourself well during these difficult phases of your life is the key to success. You have to be able to rise above the problem and look beyond it. This is often easier said than done. Often, our friends and family cannot seem to understand even though they may have the best intentions.

How can Sanya help me with my phase of life problem?

Sanya can help in identifying the source of stress, dissatisfaction and/or responsibilities that seem overwhelming. There are many, oftentimes overlooked, ways to manage these issues. My clients report marked improvement managing life’s issues in a self–helpful manner.