There is Relief | How Can Sanya Help Me?

People have unique reactions to loss. Maybe you’re drowning in tears or you are worried because you can’t cry.

There is Relief

One of the biggest keys to moving through your grief is to stop judging and evaluating it. Constantly evaluating what you are experiencing prolongs your pain.

Ignoring your pain will not make things better. In fact these feelings have a way of coming back usually in self–destructive ways when they are being ignored. In essence, this only prolongs the grief and pain.

How can Sanya help me with my grief?

As a bereavement worker, I strive to meet the grieving without expectations about what should happen or what you should be feeling.

When followed with courage and patience, grief knows exactly what you need every step of the way. There is wisdom in the grieving process that is rarely seen while you’re in the middle of it, but which in retrospect becomes abundantly clear. Being a witness to hundreds of people’s grief, I can attest to the miracles of healing that come about in the end.

The problem is getting from here to there and that can be a very rough ride. It’s certainly nothing you would have ever chosen, but in the end you will come back to life with an open heart filled with love.