Eating Disorders

How Might I Be Feeling? | How Can Sanya Help Me?

Eating disorders can seriously impair our body’s ability to function physically and mentally. In some cases eating disorders lead to death. Anorexia and Bulimia get the most attention as major eating disorders, but there are other, lesser known eating disorders such as compulsive eating, binge eating or disordered eating patterns.

How Might I Be Feeling?

Examples of unhealthy eating behaviors can consist of patterns of refusing to eat at all for a few days, or eating an extremely small amount of food in an attempt to avoid weight gain. Another example is eating a great deal of junk food in lieu of healthy food on a regular basis. These behaviors oftentimes result in a person feeling sad, anxious, guilty and bad about his or her body image.

How Can Sanya Help Me?

Sanya uses learning techniques to help a person regain a sense of awareness to their body’s cues about satiety. In therapy client’s gain information about healthy eating habits, exercise and how to incorporate preventative measures to regain a sense of healthy body image.