Dealing with Anxiety

Did you know that relaxing can pose a threat to some people who suffer with panic and anxiety attacks? it can actually provoke an attack rather than working as an anxiety treatment. This apparent contradiction can seem mystifying, but not if you understand that tension and stress can be used as a defense against unwelcome thoughts, feelings and anxiety symptoms.

For some people, letting that stress and tension go can feel like opening the flood gates. Without understanding this, it can be most distressing. There you are trying to take positive action in overcoming anxiety attacks, and it appears to have the opposite effect.

Knowing your body better will help you respond to symptoms of anxiety better.

Time management helps you work efficiently and plan for productive rest periods (studies show that all work and no play not only makes you dull and anxious but drastically decreases work efficiency). It is a good way to make sure you take those much–needed regular breaks which alleviate rising tension and anxiety attack levels.

Problem–solving techniques are also easily learned. Unresolved problems create worry. Worry creates anxiety symptoms. These anxiety symptoms can lead to panic attacks. Solve the problem and you kill the worry; kill the worry and you reduce the possibility of another anxiety attack. It–s so easy to let the mind run around seemingly endless problems, but by learning to take hold of each in turn and deal with them appropriately, you come one step nearer to positively preventing an attack.