About Sanya

Sanya Syrstad is a licensed clinical professional counselor who graduated with honors from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. Sanya works with individuals, children, couples and families to help them achieve personal growth and learn the skills necessary to cope with personal stressors, relationship issues, life changes, anxiety, fears, anger, depression, grief and other problems that life presents.

"My strengths are my kindness, patience and ability to listen and provide insight."

Sanya believes that life is a wonderful journey and that healthy relationships enhance quality of life. Many of her clients have reported an increase in their energy levels, being happier in relationships, feeling less stressed about work/school and improvements with their married and family life. Let Sanya’s years of experience and success help guide you on your quest for happiness.

Sanya’s Approach

Sanya’s approach to therapy is unique in that it does not use one specific method for healing, but uses the best parts of many different theories of healing and then tailors treatment for the each individual patient to address their individual spiritual, emotional and mental health needs as well as addressing the personal stressors in their life.

Sanya’s positive approach pays close attention to the use of language and how an individua’s stories create meaning. Sanya believe that each individual has a unique view of the world, and how that individual’s reality is perceived is central to understanding the person.

Sanya is also trained in clinical hypnosis, a technique she uses to teach the client to use relaxation techniques and visualization to cope with fears, anxieties, depression and/or other behavioral issues that may prevent the person to be truly satisfied with his or her self.

Sanya is committed to building a caring, safe and supportive relationship with her clients while helping them achieve personal growth, enhance their quality of life, increase their coping skills, enhance their positive thought patterns, improve their interpersonal relationships, build a healthier lifestyle and resolve past and/or current conflicts.

Sanya Is …

  • Sanya is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and Serbian/Croatian.
  • Sanya is a provider for many top insurance companies and accepts most insurance.
  • Sanya also works with clients who do not wish do use or do not have insurance.